1st February, 2021

The Daily Graphic is disturbed about the congested traffic situation in large and growing metropolises across the country. The paper says peak-hour traffic congestion is inherent because the efficient operation of both the economy and school systems require people to report at the same hours. The Graphic is immensely concerned about commuters on the Kasoa-Budumbura Winneba stretch because of the traffic congestion they go through every day and calls on government to treat it as a matter of urgency in their effort to dualise major roads. It says it is worrying that traffic congestion now occurs at places that should not suffer gridlocks, with the likes of Tema-Aflao stretch and Mankessimon the Accra-Cape Coast stretch as well. The paper urges the Ministry of Roads and Highways to rally its departments and agencies to immediately find the solution to the madness on the roads as it inconveniences and discomforts commuters.

The Ghanaian Times cautions Ghanaians not to throw caution to the wind by believing that covid-19, vaccine is a panacea to their immunity of contracting the disease. The paper finds it interesting how the scientific community thinks vaccine alone can fight the disease. It says vaccines serve as an additional tool to stop further transmission of the infection and recommends proper observation of healthy protocols such as hand washing, use of alcohol-based sanitizers, wearing of face mask, social distancing, and eating of nutritious foods to boost one’s immune system. The Times says these are the cheapest and safest vaccines anyone could rely on.

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