Warm welcome as Achimota School admits Rastafarian Student Oheneba Nkrabea

Mother of Oheneba Nkrabea, one of the Rastafarian students who was initially denied admission to Achimota School has confirmed that he was given a warm welcome when he reported to the school this morning.

Maana Myers said her son was welcomed on campus by the Day Students School Prefect.

She said the Prefect indicated that Oheneba would be her school son during his time at the school. Madam Maana said the Prefect also gave the assurance that “nobody was going to do anything to him”, adding, “if he had any problem, he should approach her”.

Madam Myers said the words of the prefect were very reassuring. Tyrone Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea were denied admission into Achimota School for refusing to shave off their dreadlocks notwithstanding that they had passed their qualifying examinations, and, had been selected into the school through the computerised placement system.

The boys through their parents sued Achimota on breach of their fundamental rights on the basis of their religion and religious practices and their right to education.

The landmark decision delivered by an Accra High Court on Monday, directed Achimota School to admit the two Rastafarian students.

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