Disgusting Video Of Afia Schwar Having Her Teeth Cleaned At The Dentist Causes Stir

Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has finally booked an appointment with the dentist to have her teeth checked and cleaned!

Schwar has shared a disgusting video online where two doctors are working on her teeth.

She is seen on a stretcher whilst her dentists fixed her teeth for her. We have no idea exactly what Afia Schwarzenegger is doing to her teeth. There should be too many reasons to be there as there are a lot of things which can go wrong with one’s teeth.

And Afia seems to have one or two things to fix about her teeth.

One is, Schwar’s teeth appears more than the normal number one should have and also there will definitely be stains on them

So she could be there for the reasons listed above and even more. Who knows if she has a toothache or not? But in a matter of hours, Afia Schwarzenegger will definitely confess what took her to the dentist because we all know she can’t keep anything to herself.

Meanwhile, Schwar’s father is said to also need medical check up because he looks so frail and broken in recent video. Fans showed concern for Schwar to pay attention to her dad’s health or possibly take time for review after they filmed him during Father’s Day celebration where they presented a phone gift to him.

The old man could virtually do nothing. Even taking the phone and unboxing it was a big deal as Pena had to help him through it! He couldn’t even feel happy about it which pointed to the fact that the man was not with himself.

Watch the video below;

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