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Fans Can’t Stop Laughing As ‘Slaying’ Xandy Kamel Is Busted Wearing Crooked Heels – Photo

Xandy Kamel has suffered another fashion gaffe and as usual, trolls on the gram are having a field day. Xandy is the last person anyone would want to go to for fashion advice.

Over the years that we have known her, she always suffers one wardrobe malfunction to the next. One thing notable about her is how indifferent she reacts to such things.

Xandy posted a picture of herself, looking all confident in a two-piece pants and top complemented with a one inch heel only that folks noticed something strange about her foot in the shoes.

Xandy says she always fills herself up each morning with two bowls of confidence. The irony comes when we looked down and saw her struggling in the shoes, the heels look crooked.

It could be from the way she posed for the picture but we live for the drama so…



Xandy has gone lowkey for a while now after making headlines for all the scandalous reasons a few weeks ago. Recently, she was in the news for making claims that actress Salma Mumin sleeps around to afford the kind of luxurious life she lives.

Following that, Salma sued her for passing such derogatory comments about her when she did not know the first thing about her. Xandy based her argument on the fact that Salma said sometime ago that she does not date young boys.

That was about the last time we heard anything from her camp.

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