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Duncan-Williams Hot As Throwback Video of Him Accusing Muslims of Using Water Spirits, Black Magic and Underworld Demons Pops Up.

Following Dag Heward-Mills and Otumfour’s controversy, a throwback video implicating Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has surfaced on social media.

The founder and leader of the Action Chapel International is seen in a video accusing Muslims of using black magic and other forms of demons.

In a video circulating on social media, Duncan Williams claimed Muslim involve black magic, white magic, water spirit, underworld demons and other forms of spirit even after they pray.

According to the man of God, Muslims do not just pray and hope that things will be fine, they consult and use other spirits to work out things for themselves.

Duncan Williams said in a sermon which apparently landed him into trouble with the Muslim community.

He is seen in the video apologising to the Muslims for his remarks, noting he didn’t mean to disrespect or offend them.

This comes as the founder and leader of the Lighthouse Chapel, Dag Heward-Mills is being dragged. The man of God has insulted Ashanti King, Otumfour Osei Tutu. In an audio that popped up on social media last week.

He noted that Otumfour is leaving no legacy for the Ashantes because all he does is organising big celebrations.

He also alleged that the powerful king travels outside Ghana to go and seep with girls and he’s currently keeping a chain of girls who warm his bed.

That hasn’t sat well with the King and his elders and have demanded a public apology from Dag Heward-Mills even after he’s written a letter to apologise.

However, it appears some people want to drag Duncan Williams into the problem.

Watch the video below;

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