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HOT: 26-Year Old Amerado Burner Boldly Shoots His Shot at 39-Year Old Delay – Says He Wants to Handle Her – Video

26-year old rapper Amerado Burner has taken a bold step to shoot his shot at Ghanaian tv presenter Delay.

Amerado appeared on the Delay Show and wasted no time getting Delay in love with his personality and attitude.

At a point the discussion turned to Amerado’s love life and that’s when he took his chance.

Delay asked him if he’s dating anyone and he replied that he is.

Delay asked if he would reveal who that is but he said he prefers to keep it private.

According to him he wants fans to focus on his career rather than other distracting issues like his love life.

Delay added that his position is smart because if it doesn’t work out there would be no scandal attached.

He said it would work out but since no one knows his girl it could even be Delay!

A blushing Delay said they cannot date because she is 39-years old and he is 26. Police might even arrest her.

Amerado said police would not arrest her because he would handle her with tender, loving care.

Delay could only smile and laugh with pleasure.


The video is a snippet from their upcoming interview on the show which would be aired at the end of the week.

Amerado, one of the hottest emerging rappers on the scene, makes his debut appearance on Delay’s talk show.

Born Derrick Sarfo Kantanka, Amerado jumped onto the scene in 2015 after placing 3rd on the Solid Fm Kumasi Freestyle show.

He has since gone on to establish himself as one of the Kumerican stars bringing Kumasi rap back to the forefront of Gh musicHO

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