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Ofui, You Too Drop Your Old Pic- Afia Schwar’s Own Fans Turn on Her After Attacking Twene Jonas

Fans of Afia Schwarzenegger have turned on her and started attacking her after she took a low shot at Twene Jonas.

Afia shared a throwback photo of Jonas today, showing a young looking Jonas and siblings during his time in Ghana before travelling.

She captioned the photo: “Let me leave this here and go to work! I shall return Rich Twene Jones n family ..as if they bath with Okro! For me it’s the red bra… imbeciles,”

No one really knows what she was trying to accomplish with that post.

She claims Jonas is jobless and homeless in the United States. However, even if that is true, a throwback photo of him does not prove anything about his current condition.

Schwarzenegger’s own fans are not buying this attack from her on Jonas.

In numerous comments under the posts, Ghanaians are pelting her with attacks and insults for sharing Jonas’ old photo.

Her attack on the appearance of those in the photo was mocked by social media users.

Some dared Afia to release her own old photos for comparison with Jonas’ old photo.

Another commenter said the lady in the photo is even finer than Afia Schwarzenegger herself.

Check some of the comments in the video below …watch to the end.

When it comes to appearance, Afia Schwarzenegger aka Shipitii Yaabaayaa should be the last person to comment on anyone else’s appearance.

Schwar has more unflaterring photos of herself on the internet than any other celebrity in history.

For her to attack someone else’s appearance is too hard to comprehend, which is why her own fans are lashing out against her.

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