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The Day You Post Video Without Makeup Will Be A National Crisis – Fans Fire Afia Schwar After Another Video Insulting Jonas

Afia Schwarzenegger cannot accept the fact that Twene Jonas has knocked her out with just one blow in their beef – she’s still on social media constantly ranting.

Afia Schwar took the first shot at Jonas, but he responded in a legendary manner.

Since then, Afia Schwarzenegger has not been able to sleep!

Every single day she will take shots at Jonas. Afia has been attacking Jonas multiple times everyday since his one video but he has not responded to her.

Ghanaians also seem to accept that Jonas has knocked her out. Under every video she uploads, people go to mock her and say she has lost the battle.

So what is the insult from Jonas that Afia cannot forget? He called her the ugliest creature God ever created and said her face looks like ‘fufu funu’ – fufu that is a day old!

Ghanaians have not stopped laughing at Afia with that and she has become a meme out of that.

The pain of the insults force Afia Schwar to keep attacking Jonas.

In a latest video, Schwar rains insults on both Jonas and his parents.

According to her she met his father and he is a useless man. Afia says she cannot believe the son of such a useless man is attacking her.

She rained more insults on Jonas and said he should respond to her if he’s a man.


Ghanaians in her comments are siding with Jonas over her.

Most of the comments say she’s bleeding from Jonas calling her ‘fufu funu’ which is why she can’t stop attacking him.

Her own followers tagged her ugly and said she should just accept she has lost.

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