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I Agree With Sarkodie- Rich Men Don’t Waste Their Time In The Kitchen- Sista Afia

There is no way you would find Elon Musk in the kitchen cooking meals for the family— that is what King Sark wants us to believe because he is always busy looking for new ways to make money.

A few weeks ago, Sarkodie in a song asserted that only poor men can be found in the kitchen which generated a debate with many slamming the Tema-based rapper as usual.

Many could not bring themselves to accept that as a fact but as typical of Sarkodie, he did not respond to any of the backlashes.

Sista Afia has added her five cents to the debate— in a new interview, she makes it clear that she is sleeping with Sarkodie on the same bed with regards to this very one.

She asks Sammy Flex if he has seen any rich man in the kitchen before. “…have you seen a rich man in the kitchen before; I agree with Sarkodie”.

The Jeje hitmaker was quick to add that it is okay for a man to help his wife in the kitchen every once in a while but it should not be something mandatory that he has to frequently do it.

We think that makes a lot of sense.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man helping in domestic chores in the house which includes cooking for the family every once in the house or even always— some men really love to cook.

It is would be wrong to say rich men do not go to their kitchen, you would be surprised to know that there are rich men who cook their family meals every other day.

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