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Moesha Boduong In Trouble – Kevin Taylor Reveals Dark Secrets Why She Repented

Actress Moesha Boduong’s public repentance act has received mixed reactions from the public.

While some think she has truly given her life to Christ and shun her old ways, other’s believe there is more to it than what meets the eye.

A school of thought has revealed that Moesha is intentionally doing all this to impress the family of a man who has promised to marry her.

She has deleted all the raunchy photos on her Instagram page and has even changed her name from Moesha Boduong to Maurecia Boduong.

Kelvin Taylor, a loudmouth commentator on social medi, has added his weird opinion to the many online.

The Loud Silence Media Boss in his usual cacophony made some interesting revelations on why he does not fully believe the former slay queen, Moesha Boduong has repented.

Kelvin Taylor

According to Taylor, he will advice Moesha to sell the Range Rover and mansion she got from ‘selling her body to rich men’ before Ghanaians will believe she has repented.

He added that Moesha should revisit Dr. OBENGFO to undo the plastic surgery because that is not the actual body God gave her and since she is leaving Satan for good, she should return everything that belongs to him.

This, according to Kelvin Taylor, is the only path Moesha can take to be a full born again Christian.

Kelvin Taylor also touched on certain statements Moesha made in her past life that defeats the fact that she has indeed changed for the better.

Some of this statements includes her interview with Delay where she said although she has repented, she will still date her sugar daddy and that God will understand her decision.

Watch Kelvin Taylor speak in the video below;

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