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All The Girls Vanished When I Became Broke – Retired Ghanaian BBC Journalist Shares Sad Life Story

A retired Ghanaian journalist who worked with The BBC, Paa Joe Odonkor, has given a sad account of how he dropped from the richest journalist in UK to a street beggar.

Paa Joe disclosed in an interview with Arnold Mensah that he once owned fleets of luxury cars, countless mansions and a bevy of ladies ready to travel with hm across the globe but they all vanished when he hit rock bottom.

The retired journalist disclosed that although he had a satisfying position with BBC, he wanted more in life so he ventured into narcotics and drug trafficking.

Paa Joe said that he successfully traded drugs for ages and amass wealth for himself that he was treated like a king in the United Kingdom.

He indicated that his woes began when narcotics control caught him on one of his usual ‘business trips’ with over 142 tons of cocaine in 1984.

The journalist added that he was jailed for years and lost everything when he finally gained his freedom.

“All my friends and the beautiful ladies disappeared like wind when i was jailed. I lost my cars, houses and everything” he told Arnold.

Paa Joe has now grown old and weak but has pledged to use his story to advocate against drug trafficking and the use of hard drugs.

When asked what advice he can give the young men, Paa Joe said women will always be by your side every minute once you have money, but they will vanish when the money is no more available so men should wise up.

Watch him speak below;

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