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Tears Flow As Obama DMW Is Laid To Rest

Today is a red-letter day not just in the life of Davido and any other person who knew Obama DMW but we as humans. Life is literally short.

Today you are here, all happy and doing everything you love, and the next day, you are dead and people are writing about you in the past tense.

One of Davido’s crew members, Obama DMW is dead. His death went viral this morning.

According to sources, Obama born Habeeb Uthman complained of difficulty in breathing and checked himself into the hospital unfortunately, he could not make it.

He reportedly died of a heart attack at Ever Care Hospital in Lekki. His death came as a shock to everyone and the entire Nigerians have reacted to it.

Several celebs have reacted to it including Tiwa Savage who was believed to be in romantic relationship with him. There were reports that she even got pregnant for him but had a miscarriage.

Tiwa says she is broken because that is not how they said they were going to say goodbye.

Davido has since not reacted to it but we guess it is because words have failed him. Obama was part of his 30BN gang so we know how close they must have been.

Meanwhile, he has been laid to rest the Muslim way.

Sadly, many of his friends could not even be around for the burial because all of them are outside the country but per the beliefs of Muslims, you are buried as and when you die.

May his soul find rest in the bosom of the Lord— life indeed is short.

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