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Twene Jonas’ Brother Rains Degrading Insults on Afia Schwarzenegger on Twene Jonas’ Behalf – Video.

A gentleman who has identified himself as a brother of Twene Jonas has clapped back at Afia Schwarzenegger for her recent attacks on Jonas.

The guy took to social media to release a video to reply Afia Schwar with unprintable insults for her constant attacks on Jonas.

The guy showed he has a mouth every bit as dirty and uncouth as Afia Schwarzenegger’s own mouth.

His anger stems from the fact that Afia Schwarzenegger did not attack just Jonas but decided to add their parents into the mix as well.

Afia Schwar said Jonas’ father is a useless man and that his mother is a prostitute.

That ticked off Jonas’ brother to also respond to Afia since Jonas has been ignoring her.

According to him, Afia Schwarzenegger is the one who has useless parents.

He claims Afia’s mother is a prostitute who has been sleeping with men all over the country.

He says that is the legacy that has been passed on to Afia Schwarzenegger to continue which is why she’s also a prostitute.

He then took aim at Afia Schwarzenegger’s father.

According to him he is also another useless man who did not achieve anything in life.

He pointed out how the old man is now frail and has nowhere to stay, which has forced Afia to prostitute herself to get some coins to hire a place for him.

He added that Afia Schwarzenegger is ugly, called her ‘fufu funu’ once again and said her kids are the children of a dog!

Needless to say, he minced no words and replied Afia with ‘fire for fire’.


Afia Schwarzengger started a beef with Jonas but when he replied by calling her ‘fufu funu’, she could not handle it.

She constantly attacked him, even adding his parents to the mix.

Ghanaians have clearly chosen Jonas over her, every post she does is filled with comments of her own followers insulting her.

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