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“Buying and using less expensive things is a form of disrespect to those who spend a lot to buy the original” – Lady

A lady has shared a very controversial opinion about why people need to move away from buying and using fake or low-cost items since it is a form of disrespect.

According to her, people who settle for fake items are actually disrespecting those who spend an arm and a leg to buy the original ones.

Tweeting, Lilo Aderogba said it is also annoying that someone will decide to buy a cheap item while they can prolly settle for something more expensive.

Stop wearing fake things, especially shoes, bags and wristwatches. It’s annoying and disrespectful to people who pay a lot for the original.

So you have to go through all the items you have bought in recent times. Did you buy what was original but a lil bit expensive or you went in for something cheaper and affordable?

If your answer is the latter, then Lilo says your choice is an act of disrespect to those who settled for the former.
Lilo’s tweet has gone viral but it has also received equal replies.

Sheddy King wrote: This tweet would have made sense if you said it’s disrespectful to the makers, cos how my Gussi take affect your Gucci?
Yvonne wrote: Sounds like a whole alot of people’s problems but definitely not mine. I’ll buy what i can afford, if you mad, call police to remove my Nika.
Noble Prince wrote: Shut up aunty it’s your money and it’s there money it’s what they can afford If so then give them little money to buy original
What do you say?

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