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Man caught ‘eating’ his girlfriend’s best friend inside his car, watch as the car bounces up and down while doing their thing

Another random video that illustrates the infidelity that shrouds contemporary relationships has surfaced online.
Apparently, a man who couldn’t suppress his libido packed somewhere near a busy street and jumped on his woman to give her wild strokes from his throbbing manhood.

It also emerged that the woman he was eating was a very good friend of his girlfriend. Someone who identified the car probably called the main girlfriend to come and witness what she has just seen.

For this reason, the lady was seen sneaking out of the car through the other door when the man’s girlfriend came with a motorbike to confront him.

When the other lady realized the tide has receded, she joined them in the car and pretended nothing had happened between herself and the guy.

Watch the video below;

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