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YouTube couple under fire for vlog of baby burial

A Moroccan couple who documented their lives on a popular YouTube channel have faced a backlash after they published footage of their baby’s funeral and burial.

Sara and her husband Hamza, who go by their first names only on the website, have come under fire on social media after they uploaded the viral vlog earlier this week. It has since been viewed over half a million times.

Their upload documented the couple grieving over the death of a prematurely born daughter and showed Hamza placing the baby into her grave during the funeral ceremony.

The candid vlog has triggered a wave of angry responses, with many accusing the couple of exploiting their child’s death for social media attention and advertising revenue.

“This is disrespectful to the dead, you have failed to let her rest in peace… You should have buried that camera along with her so she can film how she is in her grave,” said one Twitter user.

“The pursuit of views, likes and YouTube money have left people with no morals,” commented another.

Domestic news website L’Observateur said that some social media influencers have “forgotten their humanity” in the race for followers, while outlet Kifache described the video as “ugly”.

In the wake of the controversy, the couple has put out a video to explain that they had been vlogging about Sara’s whole pregnancy and wanted to conclude their story.

“We do everything spontaneously… and didn’t expect such a reaction. We have taken this criticism positively,” explained Hamza.

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