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Adu Safowaa to Snatch Twene Jonas from the ‘Abrofo Mma’ As She’s In Love with Him for Destroying Fufu Funu

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Loudmouth television presenter Adu Safowaa has a new love of her life none of us saw coming.

After suffering humiliation after humiliation at the hands of Afia Schwarzenegger, who can blame Safowaa for jumping at the first saviour she finds.

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Adu Safowaa has declared her love for Twene Jonas, anointing him as her husband.

Adu took to her Instagram page to make the declaration. She shared a photo of Jonas and captioned it with a simple word, ‘hubby’.

Twene Jonas has been spanking comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger pretty hard in recent days, ever since Afia stupidly decided to start a beef with the harshest mouth in the business.

Afia mistakenly thought her childish beefs with people like Adu Safowaa and Mzbel prepared her for a battle with Ghana’s insult king – it didn’t.

After taking the first shot at Jonas, the U.S based nightmare for Ghanaian politicians completely annihilated her in a series of videos which has since shut Afia Schwarzenegger up.

He first called her the ugliest of God’s creatures, nicknamed her ‘fufu funu’ and said her pure water business should be boycotted by Ghanaians because they use snakes to produce the water.

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That was just round one.

His video brought Afia Schwar out to furiously conduct some damage control. She recorded videos drinking her water to prove it’s safe and showed videos of how it is prepared in the factory.

By then Jonas was clearly in a comfortable lead and later knocked her out with another video claiming her mouth is slimy like a ‘katriven snail’.

By then it was a total dominating win for Jonas and all of Ghana declared him the victor.

Jonas is probably the only person who has mellowed Afia in such a manner which is why Safowaa has fallen in love with him.

Checkout her post praising Jonas below…

Since Safowaa doesn’t know, we have to tell her – Jonas is only interested in chopping ‘abrofo mma free’.

She is not qualified to be the first lady of ‘Glass Nkoaa’ nation.

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