Ghanaians Wonder ‘What’s Up’ As Abena Korkor Sends Sweet Bday Message to King Sarkodie – Check What She Said


Ghanaians are scratching their heads or let’s say observers are worried.

Abena Korkor’s birthday message to the King, Sarkodie, as he celebrates his birthday is raising eyebrows.

Korkor has a lot of sweet words for the rapper.

Korkor described Sarkodie as the biggest legend around.

According to her, nobody even comes close!

“Happy birthday King Sarkodie. The whole Ghana! Nobody comes close. Legend!” she said.

Korkor added: “Mey3 Tema girl nit, mentee whee. Long like the Sark Empire. Legacy builder,”

Her message has Ghanaians whispering amongst each other – what do these two have in common?

What Abena Korkor has taught us about herself is that, generally when she’s talking about a man, especially a celebrity, she’s revealing secrets about his prowess in bed.

Sarkodie as far as we know has never warmed Abena Korkor’s bed.

But if I were him and I’m now on Abena Korkor’s radar, I’m going to be nervous as hell.

When you’ve come to Korkor’s attention, you will never know when her next video naming and shaming you is going to come out!

Let’s hope it does not end in tears.

Checkout Korkor’s birthday wish to Sark below…

Sarkodie has been the man of the day as he marks his birthday.

Now a smoking addict, all Sarkodie could use to celebrate his birthday was upload photos of himself smoking a cigar.

Somoeone has found a way to convince him that smoking is the dopest thing you can do.

It’s one of the silliest things you can do to your body because it can actually get you killed.