Lead Investigator in Canadian kidnappers case dead


One of the investigators in the trial of the Canadian Kidnappers, Detective Corporal Augustine Dery, has informed an Accra High court of the demise of a lead investigator Chief Inspector Matthew Anokye. He said he died on the fourth of May this year.

Corporal Dery gave the information when he was giving his Evidence-In-Chief as the 11th Prosecution Witness in the ongoing trial in the alleged kidnapping of the two Canadian girls.

He told the court that, he is a police officer with the Ghana police service stationed at the Anti-Armed Robbery Unit of the CID headquarters in Accra. He said, he has been at the unit for six years but has been a police officer for 12 years.

The witness told the court that, he knew all the accused persons and he was part of a team of investigators who went into the case of the accused persons and others. Corporal Dery told the court that, he was familiar with the signature of the late Chief Anokye as well as his handwriting.

According to him, by way of investigating this case, the late Chief Inspector Anokye was the Lead Investigator, and so he did most of the investigative work. Corporal Dery disclosed to the court that the late Anokye was the one who cautions and obtained further investigations cautioned statements of the accused persons and others after the BNI had handed over to them.

He said the late Chief Inspector forwarded the 10 mobile phones to the Cyber Crime Unit for Forensic Analysis. Again, he forwarded the weapons to the ballistic experts for examination.

The State Attorney prior to tendering the statement through the witness, made reference to some provisions in the Evidence (Act1975) NRCD 232 to tender the statement of Chief Inspector Anokye through the investigator who was in the box.

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