Another Big Disgrace to Prophet Badu Kobi as his second prophecy ended in tears again


Another prophecy has ended in tears for Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Badu Kobi after two attempts in predicting the winner of a football match final.

Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Badu Kobi, founder of the Glorious Wave Church International, claimed God had told him again that England will win the Euro 2020 trophy.

This is the second time within the space of 48hrs his prophecy concerning football couldn’t hold any water.

His prophecy came earlier this morning during his Sunday Church Service before the start of Euro 2020 final.

The surprising thing was that, he couldn’t learn from the backlashes he received after his first prophecy disgraced him but this time round, he was very confident and vocal with his today’s prophecy in-front of his entire congregation claiming God spoke to him concerning the Euro 2020 final between Italy and England.

Lo and behold, Italy beat England in a penalty shootout to lift the trophy in England’s Wembley stadium, London.

Prophet Badu Kobi has fallen into the same trap again after he predicted Brazil will beat Argentina in Copa America final.

If football was that easy to predict, many would have become millionaires through betting.

This will serve as a major lesson to him.

Watch video below…