Don’t insult and criticize what you don’t understand – Jessie Kobi


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Prophet Badu Kobi is still trending on social media following his two football prophesy that swerved without thinking twice.

Ghanaians and netizens are questioning if he truly a man of God as they have always believed or one of the stomach pastors who have sprung up in recent times.

The Prophet who is known for predicting some instances decided to prophesy about the Copa America final between Argentina and Brazil where he revealed that God told him Brazil was going to win the match hands down.

Fast forward after the match, Argentina won the match which simply means that his prediction didn’t come through.

Yesterday during his church service, he once again predicted that England was also going to win the Euros but at the end of the match Italy emerged as winners of the cup.

There have been a lot of bashing on social media but his daughter has stood up for him and explained that this is not the first time a prophecy has failed to come to pass citing an example in the bible.

Taking to her social media page she posted: “Between the time a prophecy is given and the moments it’s supposed to happen there is always a change in the spiritual!!IT HAPPENED IN EGYPT WHEN GOD TOLD THE ISRAELITES HE WOULD RESCUE THEM AT 400. Before you come at my father ask questions as to what changed!!DONT INSULT AND CRITICIZE WHAT YOU DONT UNDERSTAND. Remember HE IS A PROPHET NOT YOUR VILLAGE HERBALIST!! IF U INSULT HERE ME AND YOU GO DIRTY OURSELVES TILL ETERNITY!! Who is ready to be blocked?”

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Should the Prophet accept his mistake and move on or continue defending himself with bible instances?

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