“Prophecy gone wrong” – Prophet Badu Kobi in the mud again for prophesying wrongly that England were going to win the Euros [Video]


Italy’s win over England has rendered Prophet Badu Kobi’s prophecy concerning the outcome of the Euros 2020 final not only null and void but also untrue.

Earlier, the same pastor had prophesied that Brazil would beat Argentina to win the Copa America final but things did not pan out as he had predicted.

That got many to drag him on social media with Ghanaians raising suspicion over the authenticity of his prophecies…doubts have been cast over whether he truly hears from God or not.

Italy win Euros 2020

Just today, Prophet Badu Kobi made a prophecy once again before his church members that England would beat Italy to win the Euro 2020 final. He said it with some level of conviction and perhaps gave the punters a lot of hope.

Well, the prophecy did not materialize and for the umpteenth time, question marks have been raised about Prophet Badu Kobi’s calling.

Is he really a true man of God? Why is he prophesying about sports in the first place? These are some of the questions on the minds of Ghanaians.

Do not forget, Prophet Badu Kobi had had most of his prophecies in recent times backfire. Prominent amongst them is his prophecy about the outcome of the 2020 election where he stated unequivocally that Mahama was going to win the election…it did not materialise.

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