Details of salaries and allowances Mahama paid himself & wife revealed – Report


Dailyguide has published a report on the supposed salaries and allowances received by Former President Mahama, the late VEEP Amissah-Arthur, former First Lady Lordina Mahama and former Second Lady Matilda Amissah Arthur.

Following the move by First Lady Rebecca Akufo-Addo and Second Lady Samira Bawumia to refund allowances paid them, hot coils have been heaved on the head of Lordina Mahama and matilda Mahama to do the same.

So the question is, how much was Mahama paid in salaries and allowances as President?

How much was the late Amissah-Arthur paid in salaries and allowances as Vice President?

How much was Loridna Mahama in allowances as First Lady?

How much was Matilda Amissah-Arthur paid in allowances as the Second Lady?

Salary Details

In 2012, Mr Mahama who had succeeded the late President John Evans, Atta Mills, following his sudden death was taking home a monthly salary of GH¢15,972 whilst his Vice got GH¢14,375.

The monthly allowance of the then First Lady Lordina Mahama was GH¢11,500 whilst that of the then Second Lady Matilda Amissah Arthur was GH¢11,340.

By 2013, Mr Mahama’s monthly salary had reached GH¢22,464 and increased to GH¢24,710 in 2014. It increased to GH¢27,181 in 2015 and by the time he left office in 2016, he was taking GH¢29,899.

Mr Amissah Arthur also received GH¢20,218 monthly in 2013, took GH¢22,239 in 2014, moved to GH¢24,463 in 2015, took home GH¢26,909 in 2016.

Mrs Mahama collected a monthly allowance of GH¢17,073 in 2013, got GH¢18,780 in 2014, increased to GH¢20,658 in 2015 and enjoyed GH¢ 22,724 before her husband exited power in 2016.

Mrs Amissah Arthur also collected a monthly allowance of GH¢16,848 in 2013, got GH¢18,533 in 2014, took home GH¢20,386 in 2015 and enjoyed GH¢ 22,425 before leaving office.

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