If Moesha Boduong Says She Is Disposing of All Things Vanity – Why Is She Keeping her Vain Fake Butt?

Actress Moesha Boduong is trending big time.

The former Ghanaian top ashawobrity has now transformed into Ghana’s most visible born again Christian.

Moesha’s repentance has been so deep she has been spotted around town preaching the word of God, looking in a wretched state – the modern-day Jesus Christ of East Legon.

The story we are being fed is that Moesha has given her life completely to God to the point she has to sell all she owns and give out the money.

Moesha claims that she cannot associate with anything she made from her sinful actions – selling her body to men in exchange for cash.

She went as far as to point out her fellow ‘ashawobrities’ are depressed but just putting on a brave face for the public but she has rather found freedom in Christ.

However, somehow, Moesha still has one thing on her body from her ‘bad girl days’.

We all remember the skinny Moesha Boduong who became a household name in Ghana with a butt as flat as a pancake.

To better market herself to the sugar daddies, Moesha underwent several surgeries to get her current Mountain Afadjato standing butts.

When she was selling her ‘worldly’ items however, Moesha conveniently forgot about those twin towers hanging behind her.

Are we to believe God frowns upon every bad thing she acquired through selling her body except her buttocks?

If Moesha is as born again as she claims to the extent she has to sell everything, she should get rid of the butt too.

It is a constant reminder of her sin and from what we hear, God does not tolerate sin.

Maybe, just maybe, this all thing is another act to cover something else.