And the Doom Arrives – Prophet Says Moesha Boduong Will Die by September


It didn’t take long to arrive. With Moesha Boduong going through some sort of trauma publicly, the doom prophets are already coming out to try and take advantage.

A prophet claims that the actress would be dead by September this year.

Loudmouth Ghanaian presenter and social media land guard Adu Safowaa revealed this in an interview.

Since Moesha’s issue started, Safowaa has taken it upon herself to spiritually interpret what is happening.

She claims Moesha is suffering the effects of dating a rich man who has spiritually stolen her destiny.

Safowaa disclosed that Moesha slept with a demonic rich man who exchanged her soul with death.

She noted Moesha was supposed to die after she met that demonic man but mercy said no – God saved her.

Safowaa added that Moesha Boduong is going through trauma and the risk is that she could harm herself or commit suicide if she’s not delivered or guided.

Our sources say otherwise – Moesha is going through something completely different.

Either way, the same Adu Safowaa now claims Moesha is going to die.

According to her, a pastor made her know that Moesha has been marked for death and would die by September.

Safowaa revealed this in a media tour she is now engaging in as the spiritual interpreter of the Moesha disaster.


The impression you get is that Adu Safowaa is capitalising on this issue to trend.

Attention hungry Ghanaian celebrities are always looking for ways to trend.

Sometimes, one way to do that is to capitalise on someone else’s issue with unnecessary comments from yourself.

Take DKB for instance, who posted a photo of him calling Moesha just for attention.

Ghanaians are now wise to such tactics and he was disciplined very much in the comments of that photo!