Chizzy Allichi attacked for allegedly denying Crystal Okoye a movie role because of birthday pictures


Nollywood actress, Chizzy Alichi has caused quite a buzz on social media following a video posted by her colleague Crystal Okoye who called her out concerning a job she (Okoye) recently lost.

In the video posted on her page, Okoye alleged that Alichi had her kicked off a movie set after she discovered they were both working on the job together.

Okoye explained that Alichi reacted that way because she (Okoye) did not post her on social media on her birthday.

Giving insight into the gist, Okoye narrated how she had traveled all the way from Asaba to Ebonyi for Alichi’s wedding, even going ahead to celebrate Alichis’s wedding and birthday on social media.

Okoye stated that when it was her birthday, however, Alichi did not reciprocate. This, she claimed, is what informed her decision not to post her on her birthday this year, 2021.

She claimed that because of this, Alichi unfollowed her on social media and started beefing her.

“I just finished making my hear for this village film that i want to shoot and all of a sudden, our almighty goddess Chizzy Alichi comes in and saw me and the next thing she did was, she contacted the person that gave her the job that I will not be on the same set with her. Chizzy why are you beefing me? Chizzy you are beefing me simply because i did not post your birthday pictures on your birthday.” Said Crystal.

“Chizzy’s birthday is two days before mine but when i was celebrating my birthday, she did not celebrate me, so last year when Chizzy was celebrating her birthday, i did not also celebrate her. So the next thing she did was to unfollow me because i did not post her pictures and she stated beefing me” Crystal further added.

Watch the full video below.