East Legon Landlady Finally Spills the Juice on What Is Happening to Moesha


Our precious East Legon Landlady, Tracey Boakye, has finally broken her silence on what is happening to her bestie, Moesha Boduong.

Moesha has become the talk of town after suffering an apparent break from reality, she’s shown walking around town almost like a madwoman.

She said she has become a born again Christian but somehow Christianity for her involves walking around town looking unkempt, claiming she is happy but looking like she is missing some brain cells.

Moesha in her preaching shaded former friends like Tracey Boakye and Afia Schwarzenegger.

According to her, her former friends are pretending to be happy in public but privately, they are all depressed.

She emphasised that they all sleep around for money to fund their lifestyles.

She said that is not fulfilling and only giving your life to Christ like she has done can make her friends happy.

Those she called out have so far kept mute.

Tracey Boakye has now broken her silence on the issue.

Taking to her Instagram, she shared a photo of herself with Moesha.

She expressed just love and support for Moesha and said she will remember her in prayers.

Checkout Tracey’s post on Moesha’s issue below…

Meanwhile, another person Moesha called out, Afia Schwarzenegger, has commented on the issue.

According to her, Moesha lost her mind because of trolling from Ghanaians.

She said if anything happens to Moesha Boduong, her blood will be on the hands of Ghanaians.