Former Lesbian Confesses How She Had S*x with her Own Son After Ditching Lesbianism – Video


A former lesbian who is now an ambassador against lesbianism has revealed that she slept with her own son to satisfy her urges.

Identified as Bernice, she claims she started lesbianism in Senior High, enjoyed it for many years but has now decided she’s done with it.

She is now back into the hands of Jesus Christ and thus is done with lesbianism.

We call that the ‘Moesha’ special these days.

In a chat with Arnold Elvanyo Mensah on Vibes in 5, Bernice told him everything about her sordid history.

She revealed she started her lesbianism career in SHS and continued into the tertiary level at Takoradi Polytechnic.

According to her, she had different partners who aside lesbianism, introduced her into mast*bation and other vices.

Bernice revealed that she was taught to use vibrators and cucumbers by her partners to please herself.

Later on when she broke up with her girlfriends, she found a man to date.

However, the man once caught her mast*rbating with a teddy bear and that was the end of their relationship.

She then kept to herself and used several items to please herself any chance she gets.

According to her, she became addicted to mast*bation.

Every single chance she gets she inserts items into herself.

It became a taboo for her to spend time at home without mast*bating.

However, she once had her ‘son’ sleep with her when she was home and felt hrny but did not want to mastrbate.

All of that has made her now realise she has to change her ways.

She revealed it all to Arnold in the interview below.