Moesha Buduong is okay but we need to take care of her mental health – Kofi Asamoah


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Movie producer and director Kofi Asamoah aka Kofas who is one of the few people closer to Moesha Buduong has reacted to the viral video of the repented slay queen trying to commit suicide.

Kofas in an interview revealed that as it stands now, Moesha is okay and doing much better than before.

According to him, the suicide attempt happened last Saturday but it only came out yesterday.

He continued that people saying she was doing that to trend to desist from that because Moesha wouldn’t try to commit suicide just to make the news when she has other things to do to make the news.

Questioned on what led Moesha into thinking suicide was the only option for her and her repentance, he stated that he didn’t know and can’t confirm or deny any of the rumours that have come out.

He added that there are a lot of people thinking of committing suicide because of some problems they are facing.

Kofas disclosed that mental health is the last thing in the minds of people and organisations after helping meanwhile that shouldn’t be the case.

He continued that instead, that should be first because after doing everything and you still fail to take care of the person’s mental health you haven’t achieved anything.

Listen to him below;

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He further confirmed that he has personally spoken with Moesha since yesterday and assuring everyone that she is doing very well.

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