‘You Carry Evil Spirit From Nigeria To Come And Destroy Moesha’, 3be Ti Wa Ni So – Ayisha Modi Reveals Mysteries


Loudmouth Ayisha Modi who is known for jumping into strange fights and making it her personal beef has struck again!

Since morning Ayisha Modi has been barking and threatening Moesha Boduong’s pastor, Gabriel Ibe to be steady.

Barrier hasn’t stopped Ayisha Modi from being her usual self and taking over trending battles and giving it her best fist.

Ayisha Modi has said that Moesha Boduong’s pastor has brought some evil spirits all the way from Nigeria to destroy her.

According to Ayisha Modi Pastor, Gabriel Ibe has imposed evil spirits on Moesha and he’s now controlling her life how he wants.

Ayisha Modi revealed that Moesha has been brainwashed to the extent that she doesn’t even talk to anybody in her circles again except her because whatever spirit the pastor is using is not working on her.

The controversial music producer, Ayisha has said that she will fight this battle to the end and she doesn’t care about Moesha’s family. All she knows is that Pastor Gabriel Ibe has touched something close to her and nobody does that and go scot-free.

Ayisha Modi has given the man of God 24 hours ultimatum to release Moesha from his bondage or he faces him physically and spiritually!

Nevertheless, Pastor Gabriel Ibe’s cousin, model Victoria Michaels has disclosed that the pastor is harmless and he’s rather helping Moesha to fight her spiritual battles.

According to her, Moesha is battling something spiritually deep and mysterious that it will only take prayers to conquer so Ghanaians must remember her in their prayers.

She also revealed that Pastor Gabriel Ibe has not convinced Moesha to give out her things but Moesha gave her things out to the poor out of her own free will.

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