MPs lament public criticisms over gov’t facilitating car loans


MPs are lamenting public criticisms of what is described as the ritual of Government facilitating car loans.

There is public outcry following reports that government is contracting a $28 million loan for MPs to buy cars.

The public is equally not happy that government is granting the MPs tax waivers to the tune of more than 13 million dollars.

Contributing to the motion for the adoption of the Report of the Finance Committee on the loan and Tax Waiver Agreements, the MPs said the public does not appreciate their work.

They said it is regrettable that even though they are the least catered for among Article 71 Office Holders, they are the most vilified by the public.

They have therefore resolved that going forward, they will no longer accept loans, but equal treatment.

By that, they want Government to provide them with duty post vehicles, fuel and maintain them and pay for the drivers as pertains to all Article 71 Office Holders.

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