Plastic surgery for the purpose of improving one’s appearance is sinful – Nana Agradaa


Repented spiritualist, Patricia Asiedu, better known as Agradaa, has posited that plastic surgery for the purpose of improving one’s appearance is a sin.

According to her, the practice of enhancing one’s physical appearance through liposuction is ungodly because it shows God’s ingratitude.

“Patronizing a plastic surgery treatment that eliminates superfluous fat from the body to enhance your body contouring is like saying God he didn’t make you well, which is ungratefulness. Liposuction is a heinous sin,” Agradaa remarked on ‘Starr Chat’ with Nana Aba Anamoah on Wednesday.

The born-again Agradaa went on to say that the procedure is fraught with dangers and complexities and that no one should promote it.

Patricia Asiedu also took time to advise young girls to avoid revealing essential body parts in the name of attracting men to themselves.

The slayer of ‘Dolce and Gabbana’ asked that her old name, ‘Nana Agradaa,’ not be used again. Mama Pat or simply Agradaa, on the other hand, will be her first choice.