Troublesome Delay Exposes Sefa on Live TV for Undergoing Butt Enhancement – Drops Receipts


Troublesome Delay has once again caught another rat in her ‘bayla trap’ – this time it’s the musician Sefa.

Appearing on Delay’s Show is a trial by fire for any seasoned artiste, much less a novice like Sefa.

She found out the hard way why Delay is described as a skilled interviewer in an appearance on the “Delay Show”.

Delay put Sefa on the hot seat and asked her about enhancement procedures she has undergone.

Delay tried to find out if any work has been done on Sefa’s body but she outright tried to deny it.

The troublesome presenter though came with her receipts.

She asked Sefa if she had taken any risks in her career and she said she hasn’t.

According to her, she is a very obedient person who does not like taking risks.

So Delay asked her point-blank if she hasn’t taken any risks like going under the knife.

“I’ve not gone under the knife,” Sefa responded.

That moved Delay as she started dropping revelations – she dropped the country Sefa had the surgery in – the Dominican Republic – and the name of the doctor who operated on her.

Sefa flatly denied any of that.

The revelations were made by Delay in a video posted on Instagram.

At this point appearing on the Delay show is a mental hazard.

She quietly lures you in and bam – you are floored!

The artistes don’t care though because that is how they trend so it’s a win-win for everyone involved.