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Hot Kofi Asamoah Runs from Peace Fm As Kwasi Aboagye and Afia Schwar Grill Him for Lying About Moesha

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Ghanaian movie producer Kofi Asamoah was left running away from Peace Fm’s Entertainment Review show this afternoon after he was confronted by host Kwasi Aboagye for some comments he passed.

KOFAS, as he is popularly known as, was on the show to talk about the ongoing issue surrounding Moesha Boduong, who is a close friend.

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KOFAS’s submission was going well until Kwasi Aboagye asked him about some comments he passed about Moesha’s Range Rover Evoque, which depending on who you listen to has apparently been bought by Efya or by someone close to Efya.

Kofi Asamoah on the show debunked the claims that Efya bought the Range Rover from Moesha for just $15,000, although he refused to give the figure.

According to him, Efya did not buy the car herself but led someone to come and buy it from Moesha.

He said the person is an artiste whose identity they are keeping hidden for now.

At that point, Kwasi Aboagye asked him about why he earlier said that Efya had purchased the car.

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Aboagye also read on-air a critique of Kofi Asamoah which Afia Schwarzenegger had posted on her Instagram page.

Afia called out KOFAS for not checking up on Moesha and said he should stop lying about her on-air.

She wrote: “Kofi, The least you can do is to be honest in your submission…(lying won’t change anything,) Have you called to check on Moesha?? Who did you call??? Enough of the mouth service…be a real friend or keep quiet. People that truly cares are not jumping from platform to the other spewing lies. Stop chasing away helpers n atleast check on your friend. Good day. Ps: anyone that says he/ she spoke with Moesha is liar n shouldn’t be taken serious..chasing stupid Clout!!!”

Kofas denied not checking on Moesha but said he is out of the country at the moment.

The line dropped before he could truly address Kwasi Aboagye’s questions and despite many attempts by the producers, they could not get KOFAS back online.

Some would say he ‘strategically’ run from the grilling.

At the moment, no one knows for sure what is happening with Moesha.

One can only hope eventually she would come out of this mess in good shape.

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