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Akan hosts fans for preview of ‘Nyame Mma’ album

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Ghanaian Hiplife/Highlife and Hip-pop artiste, Akan on Saturday, 17th July 2021 hosted a private album listening event at Nubuke Foundation in Accra for fans and professionals in the creative industry.

Patrons of the event had the opportunity to preview the yet-to-be-released album, ‘Nyame Mma’ which Akan describes as an ‘African gospel’.

‘Nyame Mma’ will be Akan’s second studio album after the release of Onipa Akoma in 2017 which to date is the highest-selling album on music streaming platform Aftown.


Akan at the ‘Nyame Mma’ album listening

The title ‘Nyame Mma’ was inspired by the quest to get Africans to recognise themselves as children of the Creator [God] and a desire to usher them into a new future where they will function at their highest form according to the musician.

For Akan ‘Nyame Mma’ presents an opportunity to preach the African gospel, and he dedicated the album to black people all over the world.

Cross section of fans of Akan at the ‘Nyame Mma’ album listening

“Nyame Mma is a gospel album. I am preaching on this album. I am preaching the African gospel because as I said earlier on, this album is dedicated to black people all over the world. It is about time we had a conversation about what is happening to our race because if you look around the world, black people are the most looked down upon, and everywhere you go we are on the button on the list,” he said. 

“The album is an opportunity for me to preach the African gospel, talk about us, talk about our history, our future, what happened to our parents that was transferred to us that we haven’t had a conversation about it, what are our aspirations are, where we are from, what our name is, what it means and its implications? These and a lot more are on the album that is why I say it is an African gospel and if you listen to it, it opens up your mind to the world,” he added.

A fan ‘Nyame Mma’ album listening

Nyame Mma is a 14-track album with a lot of production credits and collaborations with other Ghanaian musicians including King Ayisoba and S3kyerewaa and producer TwistedWavex.

A clapping as Akan breaking down inspiration behind ‘Nyame Mma’ album

Nyame Mma will be released to the public on August 12 on Aftown and other music streaming platforms.

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