Horrific Revelations – Lady Narrates How Afia Schwar’s Boyfriend Allegedly Dumped her After Catching her With A Dog

A lady with the most noticeable wig of all time has decided to incur Afia Schwarzenegger’s wrath this morning with some horrific revelations.

The lady, speaking on a television show, claimed Afia Schwarzenegger’s boyfriend had once caught her in bed like Abrokwah did – this time not with a man but with a dog!

This is absolutely beyond the pale!

The lady, looking animated, was out of her mind over Afia Schwarzenegger beefing every single human being she can find on the planet Earth.

According to her, she cannot understand why someone like Afia who was caught by her husband in her matrimonial bed with another man could not find shame and shut up her mouth.

Instead, even though the whole world has seen her n*kkidness, she fights every person she sees.

The lady could not understand that.

She said if Afia wants to fight everyone she sees with allegations then she is also going to do the same.

She then brought up the old allegations against Afia Schwarzenegger that she likes sleeping with dogs.

This time however, she came with more details than anyone has ever offered.

According to her, Afia Schwarzenegger was dating a big man in Ghana who caught her in bed with a dog.

Per her narration, the man wanted Afia to cook for her.

Some items were not around so he went to buy them.

When he returned, he is alleged to have found Afia in bed with his dog having the time of their lives!

Yes, she said on live tv that Afia had s*x with a dog.

The allegations are nothing new, the details here are mind-blowing.

Listen below…

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