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How Ghanaian Female Celebrities Sell Their Bodies To Make $15000 Per Week In Nigeria – Top Slay Queen Spills All Secrets – Video

Top Ghanaian Slay queen Mona Gucci has revealed in an interview how some well known female celebrities exchange their bodies for money in Nigeria.

Mona Gucci disclosed that these Ghanaian celebrities make as much as $15000 in 3-7 days whenever they take a trip in Nigeria.

Mona alleged that some Nigerian businessmen genuinely invited famous people to come spend some days with them and they lavish them with cash.

She added that others in Nigeria son not have genuine money so they exchange the fluids of these celebrities or slay queens to fuel their blood money, just like how Moesha narrated.

The TV presenter continued that the Slay queens business is a well organised venture and these ladies have agents who scout around and link them to the richest men in Nigeria.

The agent charges the businessman and takes out thier percentage before they book a trip for the slay queen to fly to Nigeria.

This is done with the full consent of the celebrities. The Agents share [email protected] pictures of celebrities with the business gurus after which they are called if they meet their body selection.

The slay queens receives part of her money when she touches down in Nigeria and gets the rest after after she’s done with her trip.

It is not the first time we have heard this allegation– Magdalene Love made a similar allegation against Hajia4Real and Michy some weeks ago.

Magdalene claimed Michy and Hajia4Real went on a prostitution tour in Nigeria and returned with millions of dollars.

We are not confirming any of the allegations but Magdalene dropped a video where michy was counting bundles of dollars and twerking for an unseen man in Nigeria. The video is on Instagram, you can check it out.

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