Rich Ayisha Modi Drops MoMo Number to Suck Money from Poor Ghanaians for Moesha

Ghanaian celebrities are the richest people in the world until they actually need money for something, then they become poor.

Ayisha Modi has been bragging her socks off about her husband’s wealth as she beefs Afia Schwarzenegger in a beef for the ages.

Despite all that bragging, she’s now begging Ghanaians for money.

Ayisha has apparently set up an Instagram account to raise money for Moesha Boduong.

The account is called ‘We Love Moesha’ and according to its description, it is set up for the sole purpose of raising money for the currently broke Moesha Boduong.

The account asks Ghanaians who love Moesha to send money to a mobile money number which belongs to Ayisha Modi.

The description reads: “This page was created for the friends and loved ones of Moesha. Anyone that would like to contribute can also do so by mobile to Ayisha Modi 0556381130,”

Some screenshots on the page also show some people have already sent in money. A screenshot on the page shows one donation of $400.

The page is also followed by Ayisha Modi, which gives credence to its credibility – she founded it herself and it’s not a scam by some nefarious people.

So essentially Moesha slept her way into some money and then wasted it on renting a mansion and cars she cannot afford.

She now claims she has repented and has either sold all she owns and given away the money or has been manipulated by her pastor to take over all her wealth.

Either way – she hasn’t lived the smartest of lives and now that she’s in trouble, all her rich celebrity friends who spend every day telling Ghanaians how rich they are cannot do anything? Ghanaians who are already suffering are supposed to donate and save Moesha?

I don’t think so. All the East Legon billionaires who claims to be Moesha’s friends can help.

It’s tiring watching these celebrities claim to be so rich but yet always trying to find ways to steal money from Ghanaians!

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