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You Have So Much Money Yet You Look Too Old For Your Age – Fans Roast DJ Cuppy And Beg Her To Ditch Her Stylist And Hit The Gym

Nigerian disc jockey and producer DJ Cuppy is always the object of envy on social media by virtue of being born to one of the richest men in Nigeria.

Despite having all it takes to look like a supermodel, DJ Cuppy is simply not cutting it in the looks department, according to her followers. Cuppy has two sisters who look effortlessly good, leaving her looking nothing like the daughter of a Nigerian business mogul.

Despite being known as Otedola’s Golden Child and the loudest of the Otedola offspring, Cuppy is one of the people Nigerians love to hate. Perhaps it is because she flaunts her father Femi Otedola’s wealth mercilessly on social media at the least provocation.

With all the wealth at her disposal, there are those expecting more of her looks and have called the 28-year old “Gelato” hitmaker out. The rich DJ posted a picture in her signature pink hair and captioned it “Tell me something nice”. And because peasants are easily irritated by the affluent, she got a roasting instead.

“Cuppy switch up ur hairdo, go for hairstyles that suits u best such as braids, ponytails, buns or a sleek & straight hairstyle; Also d!tch the pink colour cos it makes u look a b!t o!der, u will slay with shades of black, brown or burgundy. Try h!tting the gym as well. Well-done.”, one commenter appealed.

Another surprised one said “Omg how can you be so young wit money and fast fading into an old woman. Change your stylist and hit the gym nau”.

DJ Cuppy will probably continue rocking her pink her anyway and adding up all the pounds because “a lion does not concern itself with the opinion of sheep” after all.

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