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“I even qualify to be the president” – Kissi Agyabeng leaves MPs hypnotized after giving fantastic answer to question about his age during vetting [Video]

Kissi Agyabeng’s fantastic answers to questions before the Vetting Committee of Parliament in his capacity as Special Prosecutor Nominee today left MPs gathered dazed and mesmerized and has scored him some social currency.

The question was about his age and perceived inexperience…the questioner wanted to find out if he, a gentleman aged 43 is fit to head a very delicate public office such as the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

Kissi Agyabeng gave a perfect answer to the question by stating his experience ranging from lecturing at the Law School at the University of Ghana for 15 years and went on to point out MPs who used to be his former students to stating that he qualifies to lead the country even as president.

He referred to President Macron of France who is aged 42 and has never been questioned by his people as to whether he fits to lead them or not.

According to Kissi Agyabeng, he is more than qualified to head the Office of Special Prosecutor thus his age should never be the reason why doubts be raised about his competence and experience.

His answer to this rather tricky question left the MPs mesmerized as they nodded unconsciously to the fantastic answer Kiss Agyabeng gave which ultimately put to bed conversations surrounding his age and whether he was fit for the position or not.

Check Out Video Below:

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