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Any Pastor Who Does Not Live Luxurious Lifestyle Will Not Make It To Heaven – Ghanaian Pastor Justifies Why They Spend Church Member’s Money

General Overseer and founder of God’s Crown Chapel, Reindolph Oduro Gyebi also known as Eagle Prophet, has opined that any man of God who does not live luxurious life will not make it to Heaven.

The Ghanaian prophet was pushed at an interview to explain why many men of God live lavish but have poor members I their congregation.

In an attempt to defend what can only be described as smart extortion, Eagle Prophet hammered home that living lavish as a pastor is not against the laws of God.

He explained that God is supreme ruler of everything in heaven and on earth including riches and would not be pleased his children live a poor life.

“I serve a God who owns the Heavens and the Earth. The Bible says he has made the streets of Heaven with gold and I do not think it would make sense if his servants live in wooden buildings here on earth” he said.

Eagle Prophetadded that the God he serves is a rich God who wants the best for his servants so only ignorant men of God who do not know their inheritance in God will be poor while they live on earth.

The man of God added that in his opinion, any man of God who lives poor on earth does not deserve to live in heaven.

“In my opinion any man of God who will not live luxurious will not even make it to Heaven because, if you’re a poor man of God, your church members will suffer and their progress will be difficult, how can you teach your congregation how to make money and live comfortably”.

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