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HOT VIDEO: Nigerian Socialite Kika Osunde Given The Beating Of Her Life By Wife Of Her Lover

Kika Osunde is a London-born Nigerian social media influencer and fashion enthusiast who became notorious when she allegedly leaked damaging photos of Yutee Rone, a Nigerian-based fashion mogul to various online outlets last year.

Kika Goodhair as she’s popularly known usually posts photos of herself living the luxurious life and seeming above the drama or mere peasants.

Apparently, after leaking Yutee’s n*des, Kika run to seek solace in Ghana where she has been since the incident because there’s an arrest warrant waiting for her in Nigeria.

Despite all Kika Goodhair’s credentials on paper, it appears she’s just a regular ashowobrity milking someone’s husband to maintain her lifestyle.

Maybe if all these slay queens take Mona Gucci’s advice and just live within their means they could avoid embarrassing situations like getting beaten mercilessly in public by the lawfully wedded spouses of their sponsors, like what has befallen Kika Goodhair.

In the leaked video, a woman who is supposedly the wife of Kika’s lover and her friends ganged up on the homewrecker to teach her a thing or two about reaping where she did not sow. Kika is basically helpless and did not manage to land even one punch of her own in defence of her choices.


Regardless, slaying still goes on as Kika showed up on Instagram after her ordeal to serve us rich aunty vibes.

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