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‘Kurasinii Straight From The Factory’ – Diamond Appiah Insults Fella Makafui For Wearing Long Winter Boots Under Hot Sun In Ghana

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Failed Ghanaian politician and musician, Diamond Appiah has almost become the villain on social media attacking her colleague celebrities anyhow.

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It actually doesn’t take much for Diamond Appiah to attack anybody, as far as she can step on someone’s toes to trend, so be it!

Diamond Appiah has thrown a shot at actress Fella Makafui for wearing winter boots under the hot sun in Ghana.

She has called her a villager straight from the factory bearing the keys to uncivilized behaviour.

She wrote, ‘Mafia association night movement with my driver, hope ur still counting em’ When u come n show just Tico company car we will continue cos for now di333 muhu mpo y3 mi mobo 😂😂 Eeiii winter boot in Ghana 🙄🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️kurasiinii #Fresh from the Factory #City Key holder #Your Chairman’s Chairwoman’

Yesterday, Fella Makafui stormed social media with wild photos – she was seen in all-black fitting pants and a top with long winter boots.

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Fella Makafui captioned a set of photos released on social media, ‘I bet you were warned about me..FELLA MAKA !! 🥷🏾🥷🏾’

She was with all the attitude she should with another savage caption that read, ‘Wicked and bad !! NO REMORSE 🥷🏾🥷🏾’.

Self-acclaimed billionaire, Diamond Appiah couldn’t deal with the fact that Fella Makafui was bossing around.

She took to her own page to post a tear rubber whip with a message attacking Fella Makafui.


Meanwhile, Diamond Appiah has been caught over and over photoshopping expensive items from the internet as hers.

She photoshopped a van and a golden closet from the internet and passed them as hers but she was exposed by social media users.

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