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This Must Be The Lamest Failed Assassination Ever! – Video Of Assassination Attempt On Malian President

This year’s Eid al-Adha celebration turned out to be a traumatic experience for Mali’s interim president Assimi Goita, who escaped an assassination attempt by the skin of his teeth.

Last August, Col Assimi Goita seized power by a coup d’etat, forcing out elected President Ibrahim Boubacar Keta. He has since been declared interim president.

Even in countries where there is political stability, discontent amongst citizens is not uncommon. No leader can please everyone, but there are those that take their displeasure and malcontent way too far and are ready to risk their lives to cause harm to whoever they perceive to be the object of their misfortunes.

The assassination attempt on Assimi Goita during a holy ceremony in a prominent mosque adorned with the political elite of Mali is a clear indication of the frustrations of the people with their political climate.

A video of the assassination has hit the internet and it turns out that the attacker actually tried to stab the president, and he almost succeeded considering he got close enough to injure someone close. The security detail got to him right before he could get into the history books for stabbing a president to death.

It feels like the “assassin” probably was not very motivated to do what he set out to because any assassin worth his salt who was able to get that close should have been capable of doing the job. But what do you expect when you have a frustrated peasant whose only weapon against oppression is a knife he probably stole from his wife? As far as assassination attempts go, this is nothing short of lame and demoralizing.

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