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You Just Want More Time To Loot Enough Cash – Twitter Users Drag John Dumelo For Suggesting 5 Years Per Term For Ghanaian Presidents

John Dumelo is of the belief that four years for sitting presidents in Ghana is too little time to do anything meaningful. He took to Twitter to express his opinion on the matter.

Mr. Dumelo posted, “4 years is not enough for ANY President/ Gov to function effectively. The first year is used to settle down in the office and the last year for campaign, leaving only 2 years for effective work. We should consider 5 years per term.”

This provoked a lot of skeptical commentaries, with many suspecting that he was just suggesting five years so there’d be enough time to loot enough resources in case he found himself victorious in his next bid to represent Ayawaso West Wuogon in parliament.

”Are we different from countries getting things done within the 4-year period? Why must we use a year to settle down and a year to campaign? Is that supposed to be the norm? Do you think extending it to 5 years will make you work effectively? Or you want more years to loot?”, he was asked.

Another annoyed commenter replied. “Get away! you politicians have nothing good to offer. Shut up, you only want more time, to be in office, to enjoy the tax payers money!”

And there was one who simply gave up on politicians in general. “Really had high hopes for this guy here. Politicians chale. I weak. You want an elected president to use 365 days to relax and settle down in his office. I mean our expectations were low but holy f*cccckkk.”.

It’s hard not to suspect politicians of ulterior motives, and Mr. Dumelo is getting doses of how untrustworthy he has become in the public eye on account of his political ambitions.

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