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You Impregnated Your Wife’s Underage Sister Yet You Dare Talk About Morality – Panji Anoff Drags Alban Bagbin

LGBTQ+ discussions have once again dominated social media this past week because Sam George and his gang of gay-hating cohorts have presented a bill before parliament to criminalize the act.

The anti-LGBT bill seeks to jail anyone caught having “unnatural” sex for not less than 5 years and make it a criminal offense to advocate, promote, or fund homos*xuality in any of its forms.

The bill was presented to parliament and not surprisingly it was hailed, with the Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin on record to have declared homos*xuality a pandemic worse than COVID-19. He said,

“This world was created by God as a society, is created for us to enjoy and commanded us to procreate and fill the world, now we know those who actually believe in God, now we know where religion actually started….

“This pandemic must be fought by all of us. I can tell you is worse than COVID-19, now am happy our beloved country Ghana is together in this. The faint-hearted will soon be struggling to come back to join the fight. His Excellency the President has spoken, our traditional leaders have spoken, our religious leaders have spoken together, Ghanaians have spoken”.

This endorsement of the bill by the lawmakers has had people questioning what moral right any of these legislators have to criminalize a fellow human being’s lifestyle and genetic makeup when some of them have been fingered in scandals that would curl Satan’s toes.

Ghanaian songwriter and film producer Panji Anoff thinks it rich of the Speaker of Parliament to act like some moral champion when he in fact impregnated his wife’s 17-year-old sister without remorse.

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