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He’s Secretly Gay! – Kevin Taylor Drags Self-Hating Sam George Out Of The Closet

Ningo-Prampram MP Sam George is a homos*xual, according to US-based Loud Silence Media CEO Kevin Taylor.

Sam George has been championing an anti-LGBT+ bill that has been dismissed by sane people as the most ridiculous bill to be drafted by lawmakers.

The bill proposes to criminalize homos*xuality in all its forms while proposing a jail term of not less than five years for anyone caught promoting, funding, or advocating for the LGBT+ community.

There are some who are of the opinion that the most extreme homophobes turn out to be closet homos*xuals and Mr. Kevin Taylor is of this school of thought.

According to him, Sam George is too obsessed with gay people not to be a homos*xual himself.

He argued that you can’t prove someone is gay by virtue of the fact that they are effeminate or act in a way that is reflective of the opposite gender. And since there is no way to actually prove anyone is gay by appearance, Kevin Taylor fingered Sam George as being a homos*xual and dared him to provide proof that he is not.

From Kevin Taylor’s assertion, it is obvious Foh Amoaning is gay as well judging from the passion with which he wants to “cure” gay people.

He was on Joy SMS this week talking about how he always has to hug the gay people he meets and take them to the hospital because they were leaking out their a$$es. Suspect much.

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