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Land Owner Almost Beat Up Greater Accra Regional Minister Henry Quartey

In what is seen to be a huge misunderstanding between a landowner and the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Honorable Henry Quartey, gunshots were heard flying around after a demolishing exercise took place in the Ayawaso Central municipality.

It took the timely intervention of the Ghana police and other bystanders to prevent the landowner from pouncing on Honorable Henry Quartey as he was not taking his building being demolished lightly.

This exercise has since been ongoing to de-clutter the capital city for proper planning and drainage issue resolution.

The very aggravated landowner even when stopped by the police was still aiming to attack the minister with his wife by his side wailing continuously.

She was begging for them to be merciful to her family but all fell on deaf ears as the building was still broken down.

The minister spoke to UTV news and explained this exercise is under the “let’s make Accra work” initiative and as charity begins at home, he has to start the demolition from his own constituents who voted him into power because wrong is wrong.

He stated the engineers and the MCE’s have made various rounds to inform residents that the buildings being put up are in the wrong places but some stubborn constituents did not heed their advice.

He also complained about how weak the buildings were and if the rains fall heavily, the buildings will collapse endangering lives.

He described this activity as he coming to be of help to the owner of the building contrary to what the owner may believe because their lives are more important.

Thankfully the police were able to de-escalate the situation and everyone was left unharmed-physically.

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