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‘They Bark Like Cats Because They Don’t Know Who You Are’ – Zimbabwean Presidential Aspirant Eulogises Afia Schwar

No matter how bad a person appears to be, there are other things that make them exceptionally good as well.

Ghanaian actress, Queen Afia Schwarzenegger might have hurt a lot of people and done too many ugly things but we can’t overlook the fact that she’s got a golden heart that makes her an angel to her daughter, Pena.

That is something that most people won’t have the drive and the energy to do. Yet, Schwar does it so effortlessly.

One of Schwarz’s own friends, Queen Dee, a Presidential aspirant of Zimbabwe has penned a tribute in honour of her.

Read the tribute below;

Whenever I feel overwhelmed if I remember my sister’s lectures to me I get the strength of a lion.

There are different types of people in this world. Those that love you for who you are and those that love you just the way I am.

My sister loves me just the way I am. She found me broken to pieces and she used a hammer to mend me, by the time she was done she had mended me into a fearless lion.

I see mosquitoes bucking all over social media I laugh 😅🤣. You have now idea who I have become, I am even scared of myself now.

Never ever mistake silence for cowardice or stupidity. The scariest animals on earth don’t make too much noise, because they know what they can do in silence. They bite and bite big.

Today is my sister day as I finalise my preparations to finally move back to Africa I got a sudden realisation that my sister had made me stronger than I ever thought.

@queenafiaschwarzenegger thank you for being there for me. Thank you for teaching me to be tough. Thank you for teaching me to rise beyond human imagination. Thank you for seeing me for who I really am. I could write a book for what you have done in my life. All I can say is they don’t know who you really are that’s why they buck like cats because dogs buck better.

I love you sis, my only pilar of strength.

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