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3ka Aba Fie! – Salma Mumin Grows Fat and Couldn’t Maintain Plastic Surgery Body – Photos

As Brazilian b*tt lifts popularly known as BBLs saw a boost thanks to social media, it was no surprise when the likes of actress Moesha Bodoung went under the knife and denied for several years but later on confessed to getting the surgery.

She dropped the name off her colleague Salma Mumin whom she fell out with and revealed on Emelia Brobbey’s ‘Okukuseku’ the talk show that she too had undergone this surgery.

Salma quickly denied these claims and called Moesha a hater and that God decided to bless her with that body way after her prime.

May the God of Salma’s 11th hour locate everyone and increase their bounty Amen!

Unfortunately for Salma or perhaps due to financial reasons as MTN has still refused to refund her ghc10000, she was not able to maintain her body as pictures she posted shows the actress gained weight and as such has ruined the figure she worked hard to allegedly go and buy.

Maybe she plans on getting another round so she is gaining weight to have enough fat to transfer but that will also beg the question, what happened to the first round?

If you waste all this time and resources in getting your body done only to have you looking worse than before in a short period of time, what was the essence?

Next time monthly subscriptions at the gym and reserving the Banku in her eatery for her customers might save her an unwarranted trip to unqualified doctors in turkey.

Watch her transformation here.

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